We’ll be adding sections for Amateur Radio, Artwork, Family History, and Recipes.

Amateur Radio

Amateur Radio


I have held an amateur radio license since 1997.  I obtained a Technician level license and was granted the callsign KC8DXX.  I didn’t really enjoy the UHF/VHF frequencies and didn’t pursue all that the upper bands offer.  In February 2007 I passed the exams for General, then Extra, and Morse Code.  I have enjoyed the HF bands immensely and am glad I upgraded!


The KX8C website contains technical articles on subjects of interest to me and hopefully you, the reader.



Artwork (Gallery)


I am fortunate to be related to a bunch of talented artists … but have never explored that hobby myself.  The Artwork website features a selection of art from the family.  You can find acrylics, oils, and watercolors covering a wide variety of subjects.  Enjoy!

Wilsons Mill
Family History

Family History (WIKI)


Getting into Genealogy is like trying to build a puzzle … except it has no edges.  Every time you identify a new ancestor, finding their parents and siblings becomes the next challenge.


This website holds ancestral information of interest to me and my family.  One ancestral line runs all the way back to the 1640’s!  You’ll find a gunsmith, a Civil War veteran, and a barkeeper who could not stay out of the news for all sorts of interesting (to the modern eye) reasons.



My wife and I seem to grade our dishes based on the idea of whether or not they were good enough for our imaginary cookbook we nick-named “Keepers.”  The website captures our favorite recipes for us and our reader.  These are our Keepers!